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My Info

I'm a Human Being, simply BEing




PO Box 4415, Annapolis, MD 21403


Color: teal

Food: artichokes

Activities: painting silk, traveling, playing, being curious, public speaking, being with loved ones

Movie: "Shirley Valentine"

Book: "I Have Spoken," Virginia Irving Armstrong

Song: "Thank You," Alanis Morissette

Place on earth (so far): the Cinque Terre in Italy

My Story

Born in the City of Angels @ the Queen of Angels Hospital, I knew from a very early age I was "chosen," as we all are, to complete a "Life Task" on earth. I came here to give birth to an Angel, document her short life as well as her death, and share her message of "Hope, Heaven, and the Miracle of Life & Death" with the world. Amber died on my 27th birthday, October 30, 1980.


Before she died, she shared many Teachings and Words of Wisdom. Two of the most profound: "Mom, I know I'm here to help a lot of people." And the answer to humanity's burning question, "What happens after we die?" She revealed the answer shortly before crossing The Threshold: "Mom, when I die, I'll still be Amber, I'll just be DIFFERENT!" 


The moment she died, I physically felt Amber's Spirit pass through my body and merge with The Light. Because of this miracle and the insight she gave me, I have the privilege of elevating, honoring, and serving those who are living, dying, and grieving. Surrounded by my beloved Circle of Angels, my company, Tobias & Co. LLC, creates products with love that inspire and transform!" All profits support our "Giving Back Division," Embrace the Angel.


After a lifetime of learning, growing, and healing, I realize that I have the power to create a line of products that will teach others what I've learned the very hard way and perhaps save them a bit of heartbreak. With a graphic on the front and a "Cliff Notes-like" page on the back, these life lessons ("Red Flags of a Narcissist," "Grief," "HSPs, Highly Sensitive People," and more) have stirred conversation and created connections between fellow human beings / strangers.

Visit our "Love & Learn!" page to see our collection of t-shirts, mugs, notebooks, puzzles, backpacks, tote bags, and hoodies!

Certifications / Training

  • Trained End-of-Life Doula, INELDA (International End of Life Doula Association)

  • Certified Mediator, Anne Arundel Conflict Resolution Center

  • Certified Grief Educator & Coach

  • Trained Grief Movement Guide

  • Theta Healing Basic DNA Certification

  • AACRC (Anne Arundel Conflict Resolution Center) Trained & Certified Mediator

  • LAA (Leadership Anne Arundel 2007) Class Representative

  • US Fire Academy “Emergency Preparedness” Training—Class Leader

  • FEMA “Emergency Management” Training

  • Hospice of the Chesapeake—Volunteer Training

  • ThetaHealing—Training

  • American Life Coach Academy—CPC (Certified Professional Coach)

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