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Presentations & Workshops

I truly enjoy sharing what I've learned with others! I'll work with you/your organization to meet the needs of your audience/attendees.  I speak on a variety of subjects, especially Grief, Hope, and Empowerment. Some of the presentations & workshops I've given:

  • "The Power of Pebbles & Angels!" How one tiny "pebble" transforms the giver, the receiver, and the world.

  • "Embrace the Angel" Addresses the need we have to feel hope once again after the loss of a loved one.

  • "Through the Lens" Based on National Geographic photographer, Dewitt Jones' inspiring, uplifting film, "Celebrate What's Right With the World," we shift our perspective, the lens through which we see the world. And that makes all the difference!

  • "Embrace the Angel, Using Color to Connect" This silk painting workshop offers a bit of history, color, and silk painting techniques as a foundation for participants to express their feelings, emotions, dreams, and playfulness onto silk. Once I steam-set, wash and iron their silk scarf, it is mailed to them. It serves as a gentle, silky reminder of their creativity and Inner Child.

  • "Developing the Leader Within You" John Maxwell, one of the most prolific authors on leadership, created this program to inform experienced and new leaders alike. Using his "5 Levels of Leadership," (Position, Permission, Production, People Development, Pinnacle) and my Leadership Anne Arundel training, I hold an interactive, fun, and creative workshop to help people connect and get inspired.

  • "There's a Place for Everything and Everything in its Place" Having lived aboard a boat for several years, been a Professional Organizer for several more, and now living in a tiny home, I've learned a few things about a few things, especially being tidy.

  • "At the Ready" (English & Spanish) What you can do to prepare yourself and your family for an unexpected emergency.

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